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C&P Exam

C&P Exam services offered in Praireville, LA

C&P Exam

After you submit your disability claim to the Veterans Administration (VA), you may be required to have a compensation and pension (C&P) exam as the next step in your approval process. At Elshaddai Clinic, experienced C&P exams are performed by experienced providers in the Prairieville, Louisiana, office.  Our team of professionals understands exactly what information the VA needs from this exam, which helps make the process smooth and easy.

C&P Exam Q & A

What is a C&P exam?

The Veterans Administration (VA) sometimes requests that people who apply for disability undergo a compensation and pension (C&P) exam. This exam helps the VA better assess your eligibility for the benefits you applied for. When you are scheduled for your exams, we provide a thorough exams that will help your claim process.

C&P exams may be either physical health evaluations or mental health assessments, depending on what your disability is. Only some undergo this exam. The more complex your disability is, the more likely you might need a C&P exam. 

What is the purpose of a C&P exam?

The C&P exam is a fact-finding mission. During the C&P exam, the Elshaddai Clinic medical providers gather all the information needed in order to have your claim processed in a timely manner by the VA.  Our detailed exams assess the seriousness of the disability and whether it’s connected to your time in the military. 

The exam also determines whether your disability should receive an increased rating because it has worsened over time. 

The VA uses your disability rating to determine what compensation you receive. 

What is the C&P exam process like?

The C&P exam process isn’t about treating illness like acute care or chronic disease management. Instead, it mainly focuses on answering questions from your examiner. Our examiners may observe you for a short period and may do a comprehensive physical exam directly related to your  VA claims.

The process takes around 15-60 minutes but could take longer. 

Can my medical examiner tell me my C&P exam results?

The Elshaddai Clinic medical professionals can’t tell you your results because they focus only on gathering information and don’t play a role in deciding whether you’ll get benefits or how much you will get per month. 

After your C&P exam, the team uploads your information to your VA claims file. The VA then uses past information (including old medical records) and the results of your C&P exam to decide your claim. 

This process takes some time. On average, it takes about three or four months from the time you first file your claim to the time you get your claim results from the VA