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Acute Care

Acute Care services offered in Praireville, LA

Acute Care

Acute care helps with urgent medical needs so you can feel better fast. At El shaddai Clinic, the dedicated team of medical providers offers acute care conveniently in the Prairieville, Louisiana, office. To schedule your acute care visit, call the office at 225 673 1088 or simply click the online appointment feature now. 

Acute Care Q & A

What is acute care?

Acute care treats sudden illness or injury. This type of care provides solutions for acute conditions — those that can get better with the correct medical care. Acute conditions are temporary and usually expected to get better in days or weeks. 

Strep throat, common colds, and the flu are a few of the most common acute illnesses today, but any short-term condition falls into the acute category. 

Elshaddai Clinic offers complete family medicine in the office, including acute care for all kinds of illnesses and injuries. 

When might I need acute care?

You could need acute care if you have a new illness or injury. Some of the signs that you might need to come in for acute care are: 

  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Ear ache
  • Red or pink eyes
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Sports injury, like twisting your ankle 
  • Minor cuts
  • Minor burns

Many acute illnesses and injuries involve inflammation or infection (sometimes both). Both can quickly worsen if you don’t get the right treatment, so it’s best to reach out to the Elshaddai Clinic immediately. 

What is acute care versus chronic disease management?

Chronic conditions are illnesses that aren’t expected to get better or those expected to last a year or longer. Additionally, chronic diseases affect many aspects of your life, generally leading to a poorer quality of life unless you seek chronic disease management help.

So, with chronic disease, treatment focuses on controlling the illness as much as possible. With acute care, you can expect a solution and a rapid return to normal. 

What happens when I need acute care?

When you need acute care, call the El shaddai Clinic office right away. The team always strives to get acute care patients into the office as fast as possible. When you arrive, the team:

  • Evaluates your symptoms
  • Performs a physical exam focused on the current issue
  • Reviews your medical history
  • Prescribes a treatment plan, such as medication, hydration, and rest

In some cases, the team schedules another appointment in around a week. This follow-up is to ensure you’re healed and don’t require further treatment.

If you have an acute injury or illness, the El shaddai Clinic team is ready to help you get well fast. Call the office or click the online appointment maker to set up your appointment now.